New Font Could Help Students Remember Their Study Notes

New Font Could Help Students Remember Their Study Notes

Australian researchers have just developed a unique font that could significantly improve a person’s memory.

Called “Sans Forgetica,” this new typeface places distinctive empty spaces in every letter and number. The slight challenge these spaces provide the eyes activates more areas of the brain, which in turn leads to better comprehension and retention.

To test this font’s effectiveness, scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) gathered a group of 400 college-age students and asked them to complete a short memory task on the computer.

A wide variety of fonts were used in each of these lab tests. According to their data, however, students that read the material in Sans Forgetica font had higher test scores on average.
Psychologists say people are more likely to remember data from fonts like Sans Forgetica because they force readers to double-check for comprehension. With fonts that are easier on the eyes, readers tend to assume they already have a command over the material and are less likely to read carefully.

Studies in the past have found that harder-to-read fonts give a boost to mental performance. The Sans Forgetica study is novel, however, because it’s the first font specifically designed by psychologists and technicians to enhance cognition.

Study authors hope this data will encourage tech designers to work more closely with psychologists. They also encourage students to download the Sans Forgetica font to help improve study habits.

Anyone who’s interested can learn more about the Sans Forgetica font on https://sansforgetica.rmit/. As of today, people can download Sans Forgetica for free onto a PC, Mac, or as a Google Chrome browser option.

RMIT also put together this video on their YouTube page explaining Sans Forgetica in more detail.

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