Stay comfortable in lenses for 16 hours

Global eye care company Alcon have a new contact lens solution that aims to "revolutise the contact lens experience".Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution will provide contact lens wearers with 16 hours of comfortable wear.According to research recently carried out by Alcon, on... Read more

Following the contact lens rules for great vision

Contact lenses have transformed the way that people see over the last few decades, with the wealth of products currently on the market testament to how people across the planet have benefitted, and continue to benefit, from excellent vision. However, despite all contact lenses being packaged with... Read more

Beware Of Fake Eye Drops

The Health Services Authority in Singapore has issued a warning regarding two counterfeit eye drops, under the names EYE MO, and EYE MO Moist. The drops were determined to be of very poor quality and showed evident of bacterial contamination.The manufacturer of the official EYE MO brand, Glaxo Smith... Read more

"Always use contact lens solution" to clean lenses

Nowadays, reusable contact lenses are always provided with instructions on how to clean and maintain them, but this does not stop people from using unconventional or unsafe means of rinsing them, one expert has noted.According to Dr Por Yong Ming, consultant eye surgeon at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, he... Read more

A good cleaning routine will keep your eyes safe

With the recent revelations that some people are using bizarre homemade solutions to clean their contact lenses, one expert has claimed that wearers should know how to clean their lenses in order to keep their eyes safe.Nick Dash, an optometrist from Visual Edge Optometrists, said that contact... Read more

Reusing disposable contact lenses "is a complete no-go"

Although disposable contact lenses should never be reused, it is amazing how many people are neglecting to follow manufacturer instructions and are reusing contacts they have already worn, one expert has noted.Mark Adams, a contact lens expert, said that reusing disposable contact lenses is "a... Read more

Contact lens routines "vary among age groups"

The routines of contact lens wearers can vary greatly among different age groups, according to a recent report into the way in which people look after their contacts.Research carried out by the American Optometric Association (AOA) for its American Eye-Q Survey and seen by Contact Lens Headlines... Read more

Contact lenses "need to be maintained"

People who wear reusable contact lenses have been advised to ensure they are following the correct maintenance and cleaning programmes for the products to maximise ocular hygiene.The Shreveport Times pointed to recent research published in the Optometry and Vision Science, which showed that... Read more

Rub and rinse "still most effective"

The rub and rinse technique for cleaning contact lenses remains the most effective way of cleaning soft contacts with multipurpose disinfection solutions, according to a new report.A report published in the August issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the official journal of the American Academy of... Read more

Contact lens solution "must be changed every day"

It is vital that people who use contact lenses ensure that the solution they use is replaced every day to maintain hygiene, one expert has advised.That is the opinion of Dr Saroj Sahdev, professor and head of the ophthalmology department at KEM Hospital, who said it is important for people whose... Read more

Rub and rinse "the best contact lens care method"

The best means of caring for contact lenses is to use the rub and rinse method to clean them, according to a recent study.Research carried out in Australia and published in the an issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the journal of the American Academy of Optometry, suggests that the rub and rinse... Read more

Contact lens care preferences "differ between countries"

The products which people use to clean and care for their contact lenses can vary greatly between countries, a new report has revealed.Recent AC Nielsen MarketTrack data shows that contact lens wearers in some countries are beginning to turn to hydrogen peroxide care systems as a means of looking... Read more

Study uncovers contact lens cleaning trends

A new study has highlighted some of the cleaning trends among young contact lens users and the steps they are taking to improve eye safety when wearing the products. Funded by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and carried out at Ohio State University, the research showed that 32 per cent of contact... Read more

Cyclists "should choose contact lenses"

One expert has suggested that cyclists could wear contact lenses to avoid the risk of damaging their glasses if they fall.Optometrist Brendan O"Brien spoke to Bike Biz to say that bike-lovers would benefit from using the lenses as they are more suited to physical activity, but also offer a better... Read more

Contact lenses "need careful handling"

It is important that people who invest in contact lenses make sure that they handle the products carefully and follow a strict daily routine, one source has pointed out.A post on the Updated Dailey blog noted that proper handling is vital to prevent infection and ensure that the contacts work to the... Read more

Contact lenses hygiene "is easy to maintain"

Maintaining good contact lens hygiene is not difficult and can help to almost eliminate the risk of infection, one source has pointed out.A post on the Comfortable Contact Lens blog noted that people should follow steps such as always washing their hands before touching the products or inserting... Read more

Caring for contact lenses "important for eye health"

Contact lens wearers need to ensure that their eyecare routine includes a stringent disinfection of their lenses or disposal of old ones, according to one manufacturer.Advice issued by CooperVision states that, if people do not follow the proper routine, contact lenses start to feel uncomfortable... Read more

Contact lens solution "an essential item"

It is vital that contact lens wearers purchase solution in order to store the products in the safest manner possible, according to one source.Charlotte Ames, writing for wearecentralpa.com, said that solution can help to protect the lenses from everyday dirt and grime and is particularly vital for... Read more

Contact lens wearers given eyecare tips

People who wear contact lenses have been given some eyecare tips to ensure they stay safe when handling and using the products.The Huron Daily Tribune published a list of tips which wearers should follow when storing contact lenses, such as ensuring the manufacturer"s instructions for disinfection... Read more

Good contact lens solution "is essential"

People who wear contact lenses on a daily basis have been given some tips on how to maintain the products, including using a respected solution.The Health Guide pointed out that there are several different types of contact lens solution on the market, but it is important for wearers to choose a... Read more