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Really impressed with these!
Tried a small pack, good all-day wearing, no dried-up lenses dropping out, wider and thicker than the Focus Dailies I always get, so more robust I think.
As others have mentioned, make sure they are the right way round when putting them in, easy to spot though.

By from South-East UK on 24.03.2015 10:57

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great product!

Was a bit dubious when ordering.was sure i couldnt get a good lense for so cheap, but i was wrong! Great lenses for half the price id normally pay.really comfortable.recieved my order the very next day! Would definitely recommend!

By from Northern Ireland on 18.03.2015 17:31

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wasn't expecting much

Wasn't expecting much was just going try them because so cheap, but to my surprise they are great. I used to pay �30 for my specsavers contact lenses, can honestly say these are on par for comfort. Just a couple of days in but I was that impressed I had to do this, comfy,easy to open package and did I mention cheap.multi-buy even cheaper. Great product, definitely will buy again.

By from London on 05.03.2015 12:17

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I have been with a highstreet provider for a few years and came across when looking for a cheaper alternative. The service has been brilliant and lenses are even better then what I was paying nearly 3x's for.
Thank you!

By from Birmingham, UK on 04.03.2015 13:04

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used to be good- what happened?

I have been wearing these for over a year and they have been excellent, I probably would have given them 5 stars....
HOWEVER the last 3 month`s supply I bought have been truly awful. Like others, I have found the individual pods really hard to open, often leaving a film of plastic that you have to poke out with small scissors or some such- not exactly ideal. I have ended up throwing a number of these away because I just can`t get them out or they`ve ended up on the floor when I`m trying to get them out. Not only that, the recent batch are not as comfortable and, again like others that have made comments, now seem to irritate my eyes.
I have complained to but they said that they `haven`t had any other problems with these lenses` which is funny as there are a number of recent comments that would contradict this!
Editors Comment: I have asked our customer care team to contact you re replacement lenses

By from Essex, UK on 03.03.2015 12:04

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Ripped lenses

Quite a few lenses from the box were ripped before I even put them in my eyes and I have short nails which I have to keep short for work. A few times I opened the seal and the lense was floating in dust.
Not likely to want to purchase these lenses again. All in all the actual fit and clarity was good. But if you have dry eyes like me, I wouldn't recommend this product as I could only where them for a few hours.

By from Manchester on 26.02.2015 18:35

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Amazing Value, Amazing Quality.

These contact lenses are absolutely brilliant for the value of money and quality of the product. I have never had an issue with these in terms of irritation or pain and have been using them for over a year. Excellent product, would recommend to anybody who fancies not getting ripped off for the same quality at specsavers!

By from Sheffield, UK on 21.02.2015 23:46

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No good for wearing all day

I recently went back to this cheaper option from the crystal hydro dailies and what a mistake I made! I used to wear these previously but ended up buying the hydro dailies as these were out of stock one time. Thought i would give these another go being as they are slightly cheaper. I am amazed I used to tolerate these. This time round I have worn these for about five days and seriously thinking about throwing the lot in the bin and reordering the hydro dailies. These I find initially very comfortable but by early evening my eyes are feeling itchy, sore and dry, really unpleasant. The hydro dailies I can wear from 8am to gone 11pm with absolutely no irritation. While the hydro dailies are that little bit more expensive, in my eyes (excuse the pun) the extra comfort is well worth the extra cost.

By from Clanfield, Hampshire on 09.02.2015 19:45

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Great lenses and value for money

I've been using these lenses for a few months now without any issues. I don't need to wear contacts every day as I'm only -1, but when I do wear them, my vision is so much crisper. They are comfortable, are easy to put in and take out, don't get sore or irritate my eyes at all. I've tried other lenses which are double the price and are just the same as these.
Try buying one box of the expensive ones and one box of these to compare, that's what I did and these ones are just fine.

By from London on 27.01.2015 15:20

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Mostly good, but packaging hard to open

I find these lenses as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than my previous own label ones from the big green High Street opticians. As I don't wear lenses every day (usually every other day), I do find my eyes get tired... often this improves if I wear them every day.
My one gripe is the packaging - the individual lens holders are really quite difficult to open and often leave a bit of the lid plastic overlapping the cup. This makes the lens quite hard to extract sometimes. I have ordered another couple of boxes however, as this may have been a batch issue.
If not, I wouldn't recommend these for people with limited strength in their wrists! All in all, pretty good.

By from SW London, UK on 12.01.2015 13:24

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not as good as usual

ive been getting the crystal 1 day lenses for over a year now but i was very disapointed with this last batch . they are very hard to open and when you do manage to get the strip off theres lots of hard glue around the rim of the little pod so its really hard to get them out and also they have been very uncomfortable to wear . this is the first time this as happen but im not sure i will ordrer these again .total waste of money
Eiditors Comments- We are sorry to hear this please contact our customer support team, who will be happy to send replacements.

By from Leeds on 01.01.2015 22:20

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better than specsavers

These are amazing better than what specsavers prescribe me glad i didn't stick with them after the trail ended

By from UK on 18.12.2014 14:28

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Worth a shot!

When I saw dailies for �7.50 a box and reading a few negative reviews, I was dubious at how good these lenses would be but thought I'd give them a go considering the price they were. The lenses arrived quickly and well packaged and as soon as I tried a pair I was impressed. As someone who usually suffers with dry eyes when wearing contacts I'm yet to have any such problem with these unlike some other reviewers. The vision is excellent and overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to use these lenses.

By from Kent, UK on 11.12.2014 22:17

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Good Value

Really great value for money, never had any problems and have been ordering these for around a year.

By from Yorkshire on 06.12.2014 19:05

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Wish I had found this site sooner!

After months of spending �32 for 2 boxes of daily disposable lenses at a well known high-street chemist/opticians I stumbled across this site by chance. At �15 for the same order and the reviews given I thought I'd take a punt. Lenses were ordered Saturday morning and delivered on Monday, fantastic service. The lenses are great, much more comfortable than the ones I have previously been using. I've had them in all day and I can't tell that I'm wearing them. It's a no brainer that I will be buying more.

By from York, UK on 02.12.2014 14:47

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Great - but has the packaging changed?

I have been buying these lenses for over a year now. They are easily the best value out there - even my optician was shocked at how cheap they are. However, I was a little disappointed when the last batch I bought seemed to have slightly different packaging. It looked the same, but sometimes when opening the individual lenses I have found the peel-back tops fiddly and have separated, leaving a clear, thick plastic film that is hard to remove. I managed to pierce it a couple of times, but this usually resulted in me either losing or tearing the lens inside, which is a bit wasteful. They are still the cheapest out there though I think so perhaps they are cutting corners with the packaging now.
Editors Comment: We are currently in discussion with the manufacturers on this issue, Thank you.

By from Bristol, UK on 28.10.2014 10:35

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I am a dispensing optician, I tried this lens as an experiment I guess at. �7 per box I thought they would never compare with the lenses we stock in practice, WRONG... They are great, the only lens I would wear from now on. I have worn this lens for about a year,had a regular check and had no problems, even with staff discount I can not get near the price and quality of this lens.

By from Kent on 14.10.2014 20:53

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unexpected from its cheap price

Being new to contact lenses, I was trying to find a cheap alternative for my prescription from specsaver which is �30 a month, then I took a gamble and tried this and I must say, it's so much comfortable than my specsaver one for its price! It's comfortable and cheap. Don't regret ever buying it!

By from London, UK on 08.10.2014 22:06

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Brilliant lenses and excellent value

Have been using the Focus Daily Aquacomfort plus which are now an exhorbitant price
Was very dubious about these lenses given the low price but I am extremely impressed
Arrived quickly. First impression was that they felt thicker than the Aquacomfort so was apprehensive but they are so comfortable and I think the clarity is better. The Aquacomforts used to break or tear quite easily but somehow these are more resilient with no loss of comfort. I also noticed that they are
better for driving at night, something I tend not to do if I can help it but I took on a test drive last night and they were excellent. I also think they stay in place quite well, whereas previous lenses have had a tendency to move. All round happy with service, delivery time and product.

By from London on 22.09.2014 10:08

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Have used these lenses for years, always found them very comfortable,but my last batch used so much glue on the cases that I lost several lenses trying to get them open..just wonder if anyone else had that problem, or is it a one off with my batch..
Editors Comment - We have raised this issue with the manufacturers, and expect improvements shortly.

By from Durham on 04.09.2014 07:52

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