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A real Bargain

This is my third day wearing them and they had the ultimate test yesterday: I was teaching in a fluorescent-lit 'climate controlled' nightmare of a building, where my Specsavers lenses always gave me gip, and I was perfectly comfortable. For what I paid Specsavers for 60 pairs, I can get 90 pairs of these. I even prefer the packs they come in; they make picking up the lens much easier (although the outer boxes are a bit rubbish, but that doesn't matter).
I'm delighted I finally did this, after so long vacillating about it.

By from East Cowes, Isle of Wight on 22.08.2014 09:58

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Not for me

Half price lenses seemed too good to be true, and for me at least, they were.
These lenses felt cheap, bulky and uncomfortable as soon as I put them in. I tried giving them enough time to settle down but discomfort continued and eventually I had to admit defeat. Fortunately I'd also ordered my usual brand that I could go back to.
They may be cheap enough to give them a try, they seem okay for some people, but don't be surprised if you are dissatisfied.

By from London, UK on 11.08.2014 07:44

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Excellence delivered at low cost

I ordered these contact lenses on Friday morning and they arrived the next day. The price and quality is unbeatable and with such a fast, efficient service, I wont be going anywhere else in the future for my lenses.

By from Scotland on 19.07.2014 13:16

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Absolutely amazing

I was going on holiday and Specsavers couldn't fit in me in for a contact lense checkup and they wouldn't let me have any lenses until this was done so I did some research online and saw the crystal 1 day contact lenses. Firstly, I was attracted by the cheap price but then I thought that there would be a compromise on quality, I am very pleased to say that they are the best and most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I have had various different brands, from Specsavers and Boots own brand to Acuvue and these surpass them all!! I have also saved myself �8 a month! Don't hesitate to buy these lenses!

By from Llandudno, North Wales on 16.07.2014 14:53

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Very happy!

Very pleased with purchase, thought I would give them a try based on price and reviews. Less than half the price of my previous lenses but I think they are actually better. I can wear these for longer and do not seem to dry my eyes unlike my previous 'moist' lenses.
Delivery very quick, I would recommend you give them a try.

By from Oxfordshire on 15.07.2014 21:35

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Very good value - so cheap!

I switched from Focus Dailies after reading the reviews on here, thought for �15.00 I'd give it a go. I wasn't disappointed, easily as good as Focus Dailies but half the price. Delivery is quick & free & I like that you can pay by Paypal.
The only tiny problem is very occasionally one lens will split when removing from solution but this is rare & even the Focus Dailies did this, though maybe not as often.

By from North Devon on 15.07.2014 10:32

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Average but good for the price

I have been using these for around a year now, sometimes I treat myself to more expensive ones when I have the money! They do the job well for the price, however, I do find that I sometimes get one that seems to have no strength or just plain uncomfortable. I think you pay for what you get basically. They seem to dry out a lot if you have a quick nap and can be awkward to put in. Overall Im pretty happy but if I could afford better, I would get better!

By from Hertfordshire on 25.06.2014 14:34

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Twice Shy!

This is the second time I have used these Crystal 1 day lenses because I was so pleased first time around. Unfortunately they must have changed the packaging as I have difficulty getting them out of the ribbed containers and they definitely don't stick on my eye or finger as well as first lot. I have tried another make and found no problem so I don't think its me! I just hope they review their packaging. I wonder if anyone else has had problems?

By from Woodford Green on 23.06.2014 09:46

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I have worn these lenses for the first time today, after years of irritated eyes with various "superior" lenses, I have finally found the ones for me. I have worn them all day without any "tired eyes" and have not needed any eye drops to lubricate them. I shall be cancelling my contract with my high street supplier and ordering on line from tomorrow.

By from Nottingham on 21.06.2014 21:21

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Hmm, they're OK... But that's it!

Firstly, I just want to say that I LOVE this site. Quick service, hassle-free, and the website experience makes this whole contact lens thing easy.
So I wanted to try dailies. I've been on continuous wear lenses for about 2 years now. Getting to the point, these dailies are just-about-okay. They were nice for the first hour or two, but then started getting irritable. Also, and I know this is petty, but opening them was tricky. So much so, i resorted to using my teeth to rip the seal. Annwayysss, for the price they're ok, but I wouldn't recommend skimping on quality for the purpose of price. I'm going back to continuous wear lenses after giving these a go.

By from Ipswich on 01.06.2014 18:03

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Better & cheaper than Crystal Hydro!!

I used to wear Focus Dailies however I am a student and simply couldn't afford them anymore. I decided to give the 'Crystal Hydro' lenses a try. They were uncomfortable, moved around in my eye, and made my eyes very dry so I don't recommend them.
These however are AMAZING!!! I gave these ago because they were very inexpensive. I have absolutely no problems with these lenses at all. Very easy to put in, doesn't irritate my eyes, cheap and gives me long lasting comfort. I highly recommend these! I will not be using any other lenses.

By from Northern Ireland on 27.05.2014 17:32

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Great for the price

Thought I would give these a whirl given the price - very impressed overall, comfortable to wear all day. Would be handy if they could have an inside out indicator but that's all really!
Would definitely try an extended wear version if they did one....

By from North Yorkshire, UK on 27.05.2014 12:51

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these look excellent and i`d love to order them up and try them but they dont go strong enough for me (-10.00) are there any plans for extend the range?
Editors Comment: We have no immediate plans to increase the power of the Crystal 1 Day lens, but it is something we keep under review. However, the Crystal Monthly lens does go up to -10.00.

By from Aberdeen, UK on 19.05.2014 12:00

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Simply the best

I have been purchasing these lenses for a while now and they are great. The value and the quality is amazing. They also have one of the best customer services I have ever come across. I recently had a problem with my order and as soon I called someone picked up immediately and without hesitation offered to help me. I am truly impressed by the quality of their lenses and also their professionalism. I will definitely be recommending them to every contact lens wearer.

By from London on 15.05.2014 15:32

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well worth trying

I had a problem ordering from Specsavers, my prescription runs out in 6 weeks but they only accept orders for 3 months and your prescription has to last as long. So ordered these, there was some discomfort at the end of the day, but I take mine out around then anyway, so am pleased and will definitly reorder.

By from Somerset on 12.05.2014 11:32

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Not for me

Ordered these lenses due to the cheap price, and great reviews. Managed 1/2hr of wear before I had to remove. The spec was exactly the same as my usual brand, but I found that the lenses would not settle, and was very itchy, full refund given (thanks).

By from UK on 12.05.2014 10:05

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Cheap...NOT nasty!

whilst looking for a cheaper alternative to Spec Savers daily lenses, I came across these, had them in all day & no issues.
Does & says what is says on the tin!
Bargain & will use again

By from Chester on 02.05.2014 12:29

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Not the best....

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my daily lenses and came across this site. I must say I do suffer with dry eyes & require lenses with extra water content. I couldn't wear these for more than 2 hours without wanting to scratch my eyes out - every pair I tried seemed to irritate my eyes and make them stream for a large majority of the day. I have recently tried the Crystal Hydro lenses. For an extra �2 a pack, they're much more worth it & a lot more comfortable.

By from Birmingham, UK on 22.04.2014 12:01

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very good

I've been using this brand for 3 years now and have not had any problem. I've recommended this to my cousin who was also surprised by the quality and value. I can wear the lenses the whole day just like I did with the expensive brand.

By from London on 16.04.2014 00:02

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Crystal Daily Disposable

Read mixed reviews for these inexpensive lenses. Was a bit worried they'd be too cheap to be any good but have found them really comfortable and easy to put in. Much better than the ones from the optician.

By from Bristol on 13.04.2014 19:01

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