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Very Pleased

Been wearing Acuvue 24x7 discarding every week for over 20 years. Recently switched to Acuvue Daily (Oasys, Moist, ...) so I could occasionally wear glasses. They're fine, but they've started to dry out towards the end of a long day.
Then I saw these Crystals advertised for 7GBP. Wasn't expecting them to be great for extended wear but if they were good for occasional use I'd be pleased.
I don't think I have particularly dry (or moist) eyes. And I've been very satisfied with these lenses. Container is as easy to open as Acuvue, yes they are very thin and you need to take care handling them and making sure they are not inside out but I had no problems. I've tried them for up to 12 hours at a time and they're fine - start to dry out a little towards the end, but then so did Acuvue.
In summary, I will buy more of these lenses.

By from Swansea, UK on 09.01.2013 15:01

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Very good lenses.

By from Unknown location on 05.01.2013 16:01

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Not for me

Thought i'd try them after reading the reviews and seeing the cost. Unfortunately, they are not suited for my eyes. I found that my eyes were very dry, itchy and could only wear for an hour or so before my eyes were streaming. However, most other reviews state that they are great.

By from London on 27.12.2012 16:38

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Very impressed

I have been using Acuvue2 for nearly 20 years, never really thinking to try anything else although ive suffered discomfort, dry eyes and ripping of the lenses with these ones and after looking at this site properly, I decided to try daily ones although highly suspicious of the quality due to the cheap price. I ordered just 1 box of crystal 1 day to try them out, plus my regular order of acuvue. After wearing the crystal ones for just 1 day, I am pleased to say that I will never go back to acuvue. I am more than happy with these lenses, i suffered no discomfort at all and thats coming from someone that wears lenses every minute that their eyes are open! So if you are thinking about trying these then I would say 'hell yeah - buy them'!

By from London on 22.12.2012 13:58

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cheap but poor

I bought this lens because of the price, but the eyes itching immediately after the foundation and in the evening are very itchy. Not recommended!

By from Evesham on 20.12.2012 10:27

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pleasantly suprised

Wow! didn't think they would be much good for the price but I cant fault them, better than the specsavers ones, fast delivery too!

By from Nw on 20.12.2012 02:44

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I can't believe I have been paying up to �40 for 30 dailies through Specsavers when these were available. I have been using them for about 6 months now and they are so comfortable. I put them in at around 6 in the morning and out again around 10 at night still wouldn't know they were in!
I even did that terrible thing of sleeping with them in as I forgot they were in and they were fine when I woke up I didn't realise I had done it until I put my glasses on and couldn't see! easily good enough for 24hrs including sleep. 10/10 why pay more? are great too, good delivery and easy to order.

By from Reading on 19.12.2012 08:39

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Give them a try

I've had these lenses a few times now. First of all I thought they were great and didn't understand the bad reviews, but as time has gone on I have had so many problems with them. They are basically just not very comfortable. I've never had problems with lenses before and do not suffer from dry eyes, I just think due to the flimsier material used for these lenses they are less comfortable and more liable to tear.
My advice would be to give them a try for yourself. Personally, I'll be going back to Focus Dailies. Although these ones are cheaper, they're not worth the hassle.

By from London, UK on 12.12.2012 11:10

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Give them a try

I usually get Acuve moist but thought I would try these as are much cheaper. Very glad I did! They are twice as comfortable as my acuve ones which I could always feel and would irritate my eyes. Definitely worth a try!

By from Liverpool on 09.12.2012 20:50

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I gave these a try as so much cheaper.
Sadly I found them uncomfortable, my eyes watered and I wanted to get them out quickly. So I have reordered my Focus dailies and will stick with them.
Service from the company however, first class as usual.

By from London UK on 09.12.2012 09:44

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Really itchy

I have quite dry eyes normally, if your like me stay away!! i coudnt get a day's wear out of them, before my eyes where dying!! The water content is low, so be aware if you get dry eyes like me.

By from N.ireland on 01.12.2012 18:28

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Good value contact lenses

Crystal 1 day are good value lenses. I have rated them a 4 out of 5 instead of 5 out of 5 as they can get quite dry and itchy towards the end of the day, other then that I highly recommend them :)

By from London, UK on 29.11.2012 09:52

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No good for sensitive/dry eyes

I read the good reviews and thought I'd give these a go. I may as well have thrown �15 in the bin; certainly after 3 tries, these lenses are going in the bin.
I will say that they might be good for people who have no issues with contacts. In hindsight, given that I already struggle by the end of the day with Focus Dailies (glued to eyeball, dry eyes etc), I should never even have tried these. I could feel them in every second, they itched, they hurt my eyes, they dried them out - wearing them was like wearing grit in my eyes. I'm going to switch up to a more expensive brand; it's just not worth the discomfort.
TL:DR: You get what you pay for.

By from Northampton on 22.11.2012 11:05

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Just as good as focus dailies

I've had just a couple more problems putting them in, but once they're in I can't tell the difference from focus dailies at all - not any drier, haven't caused irritation etc. I just ordered a months supply to test them, definitely going to order more now.

By from Sheffield on 16.11.2012 09:18

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Comfortable and what a price!

I am one of the fortunate ones who have had NO problem with these lenses. When I saw the price I couldn't believe it so I gave them a month's trial. Fantastic, all-day comfort, I quite like the fact that they are slightly thicker as they don't rip easily like my previous lenses. Still can't get over the price! Just ordered a three-month supply. Give them a trial and see if they work for you.

By from London, UK on 14.11.2012 10:35

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Good, but not for all day wear

All eyes are different, but these dry mine out after around 6 hours wear, meaning that come mid-afternoon at work I look like I've been crying in the loos all day.
Very good vision, but not the most comfortable of lenses.

By from London, UK on 12.11.2012 16:38

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Work fine for me

After using mega expensive lenses from vision Express I tried these and they are fine, it took a week to adjust to the difference but they work great now. I wear them for quite long hours but don't have problems with dryness unless it's late at night and my eyes are tired but thats fine I'll just take them out. During the day they arent dry. Brilliant product at a really great price.

By from UK on 12.11.2012 12:35

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Realy comfy easy to put in contacts and cheap!

By from Unknown location on 09.11.2012 23:31

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I found them quite dry

They are fine for me for about 4 hours and then they tend to dry out and feel all scratchy.
I guess they are fine for the money.

By from Brighton on 29.10.2012 10:02

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Great product, great price.

Great daily contact lenses. Easy to use and quite comfortable all day. Very pleased with purchase at an excellent price. Recommended. Thank you.

By from North West. on 11.10.2012 18:38

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