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Delivery was amazing, I ordered Friday after 6 pm and they arrived Saturday. I yet to try them out, and when I do be sure that I leave honest feedback.

By from London on 05.10.2013 22:10

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Get what you pay for

Sorry to say I was disappointed with these after reading the reviews. I have worn Focus Dailies for many years and thought I'd try these due to the price but have gone back to Focus. I found after just a few hours that I couldn't read small type or focus very well.

By from Newark UK on 01.10.2013 12:01

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Red eyes and discomfort

After reading several reviews I figured lets give it a try as �7.50 isnt going to break the bank. I wore these lenses for about 2 hours and then they started drying out and my eyes were all red despite using eye drops to make the lense moist. My eyes were so red and the pain was unbearable. the next day i tried these lenses again and after about an hour my eyes were red and sore. I was out as I was walking the lenses just fell out of my eye because they were so dry. I do no recommend these lenses. I have ordered the crystal hydro daily and will give these a go, if they are just as bad I will go back to mu usual lenses. Although saying this is a good company I ordered my lenses on friday and they arrived saturday morning. Very impressed!

By from London on 27.09.2013 21:23

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excellent value for money

I've only recently started to wear soft lenses because of dry eyes, and I don't wear dailies all the time. My experience is that these lenses are VERY flimsy and difficult to get in because of that. I think that it is possible to crease the lens just a little; certainly sometimes vision is just a little blurry. However if I can get it in absolutely perfectly then because they are so thin I do find that I can wear them longer than usual. All the same I think I will try a slightly better quality and see how that works out.

By from Norwich UK on 14.09.2013 23:17

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Crystal 1 day - great

After trying out pretty much every brand and type of daily lense I was sceptical because these were so cheap, but was really pleased to find them to be comfortable, and perfectly fine for every day use. Would really recomend them highly. Such great value for money too.

By from Brighton, UK on 13.09.2013 11:43

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These work for me !

I have been using d d contacts for five years or more and these are the most comfortable I have worn. They last a good 8 hours before feeling dry and the insertion of simple eye drops allow me to wear until bedtime. I ve tried many brands of contacts in the past - including Daysoft and more expensive brands, including highly lubricated versions and for the price, these work for me.

By from Herts UK on 12.09.2013 12:21

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Perfect lenses for me. Perfect price.

I was looking for a cheaper lens than the ones I was using. I was a little wary because of the low price and the fact I have very dry eyes but I needn't have worried. These lenses are the best I have ever tried. So comfortable I forget I am wearing them. Well done Crystal.

By from Blackburn UK on 30.08.2013 10:32

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Wasn't sure at first due price, but these lenses are BRILLIANT!

I really was not sure these cheaper lenses would suit me as for years I have worn Acuvue - afterall, you don't want to compromise when it comes to looking after your mincers! I have been wearing Crystal Dailies now for several months and frankly, they are more comfortable and I experience no dryness problems which could not be said for the Acuvue lenses. Don't waste your money on anything else!

By from Abridge, Essex on 22.08.2013 18:25

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Great for sport!

Superb value and consistent quality. I use them for racquet sports with -3.5 in both eyes and they are easy to insert and remove. Great service, too.

By from UK on 10.08.2013 11:36

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Crystal 1 Day - Amazing!

Hi, just to explain I have wore glasses for the last 10 years or so, they are a real pain when doing sport, I mountain bike and road cycle, they steam up and no good when raining etc, a couple of years ago I pursued contact lenses through my local Tesco, they gave me Acuvue one day and it just never happened for me, blurred vision when I blinked and I struggled getting them in and out so I gave up on them. 6 months ago now living in another part of the country decide to give it another go as the whole glasses thing not great in the Forrest etc. Another Tesco consultation, prescribed Acuvue again, I complained to the optician that they were not as good as my glasses and they took time to come into focus when I moved my eyes but he said I just needed to get used to them, I gave in. Not one to be defeated I tried Vision Express as a last ditch effort, what do they give me even after my tales of woe, a weeks trial of Acuvue, same issues as before and I was coming to the conclusion that this is how contacts are and I was being too fussy, day 5 of the trial I ordered the Crystal as the Acuvue were a lot of money and at the price thought what is there to lose, they arrived next day. Opened up and straight away noticed less fiddly than what I was used to, popped in my eye and OMG the clarity was amazing, just came back off my bike, absolutely perfect vision, very impressed! Forgot to mention went for my consultation this morning to review how I had got on, told him what had happened and how happy I was to of found these lenses, instead of being happy for me he was visibly annoyed, and said because they did not supply this brand he could not recommend them and wishes me to trial another make that is considerably more expensive, the cynic in me would say they got commission but I'm sure that's not true.. Try the Crystals, you have nothing to lose.

By from Kent on 03.08.2013 16:33

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I normally use 1 day moist acuvue costing me �40 a month, these are superb value, very clear and no irritation.........BUY THEM

By from Derby on 26.07.2013 12:29

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very dry

these lenses get dry very quickly- would not recommend them if you wear lenses throughout the whole day. get dry and uncomfortable quickly and then difficult to remove as a result.

By from Birmingham on 24.07.2013 13:11

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Reasonable for short term wear

These lenses are good for minimum daily wear. They go rather dry, but can't fault the cost.

By from Bedfordshire on 21.07.2013 23:34

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I had my reservations but after reading the reviews I decided to order them, they last up to 8 hours and are more comfortable than the ones I had from the opticians. The price is great and the delivery is extremely fast, overall a good experience. Thanks!

By from Nottingham on 07.07.2013 02:42

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Having read the reviews I thought they were worth a try but to be honest I wouldn't buy again. By mid-afternoon my vision was so cloudy I found it hard to read and by evening I couldn't TV without taking them out and getting my glasses. Back to Dailies for me.

By from Newark on 05.07.2013 09:44

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OK for the price but not great

I bought three months supply of these and I have been using them for around a month. For the price they are OK, but to be honest I would rather pay nearly double the price and get my usual lenses. These are very difficult to put in and take out, although they are fairly comfortable once in, but the focusing isn't as good as my usual lenses and my vision isn't anywhere near as clear.

By from Hastings, UK on 03.07.2013 09:54

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Really surprised by the quality of these lenses, they're a bit bigger than I'm used to but they're just as thin as I'm used, pop them in forget they are there.

By from Belfast. on 24.06.2013 13:08

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The best contactlenses

I have worn contact lenses for 5 years. THESE ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't even know they are in, no dry eyes. So comfortable, it feels like I have had corrective surgery.

By from UK on 21.06.2013 11:08

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Low cost, comfortable and easy to use. My new go-to.

By from Leicester on 16.06.2013 23:30

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Pleasantly Surprised

I bought these one month I was a bit short of cash for my usual lenses. And I am glad I did! These lenses are the best to get on a budget, they don't seem to last as long as some more expensive brands, but they do the job.

By from Edinburgh on 02.06.2013 20:19

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