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Very good as long as careful putting them in

I purchased these to go travelling as been on monthly before hand. These are very good and just what i need. As long as you are very careful and handle them carefully when putting them in they are very comfortable. If i rush to get them in or bend them around they do feel uncomfortable.
I have brought one box to try out and for the value i am happy to buy more.

By from Bristol, Uk on 28.05.2013 10:29

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surprised they are stocked here

I have been wearing these lenses for years. They are by far the best lenses for me. I was so surprised that they sell them here now. The delivery was quick as always. Now I have had them in for 10hours in an air-con building in front of a pc, they still moist. I won�t use any other lenses ever again.

By from City, london on 17.05.2013 15:34

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Second best I have ever tried

Excelent fit and very good for long time wearing. I tried them as the ones I normally used were discontinued (Sauflon New Day). Slightly less comfortable after more than 8 hours of wearing, putting them in second place after Sauflon, but still having a clear advantage over the rest I have tried.

By from Athens, Greece on 17.05.2013 14:48

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Good for the price

I've been using these for a little over 6 months; would have got 5 stars but I got one batch where none of the lenses would fit; just got a new batch and it is normal again

By from Durham, UK on 04.05.2013 17:35

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Cheap to buy, poor value

I switched to these lenses from focus dailies which I have worn for years. The main reason to switch was cost. I have found these lenses to be difficult to put in and sometimes they kept falling out. Some mornings I have had to try several pairs until they sit right. I also found that the comfort of them compared to that of focus dailies is far inferior.
I am now switching back to focus dailies.

By from London,UK on 01.05.2013 14:50

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Great alternative to the expensive daily lenses

A friend recommended these lenses for me to try approximately 6 months ago and I have ordered them every since. I think that they are a great alternative to the more expensive daily lenses.

By from Manchester on 01.05.2013 12:01

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Excellent value for money

Having tried disposable lenses years ago I was a little apprehensive buying these 'cheap' lenses and wasn't expecting much. Well, they are fantastic. My eyes have never felt so comfortable. I suffer from dry eyes and these lenses so far are proving more comfortable than far more expensive lenses I have tried through my optician. Well worth the money... give them a try.

By from Kent on 10.04.2013 12:33

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5 Star Value For Money

Been wearing contact lenses now for some 20 years and always used the same brand. Recently I've have not been happy with the quality of the lenses so thought it was time for a change.
I have to say for the price and the comfort of the lenses while wearing them I'm pleasantly surprised.
To be honest it feels like I'm not wearing lenses in my eyes and from now on this is going to be my new lenses while saving myself money at the same time.
Great service also received by

By from Berkshire UK on 10.04.2013 09:57

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Crystal 1 day - Crystal clear all day!

I have been using these for a couple of years now to save some money from the Specsavers equivalents. O.K. the packaging is not up to scratch and the box tends to fall apart no matter how you open it. The lens cases themselves are a bit fiddly to open as the adhesive tends to come away with a jolt and you have to coax the lens out too as it seems to want to stay in the receptacle when you pour out the solution. Those are minor points of irritation as the lenses themselves are fine and I can wear them 7am to 11pm without any irritation at all. Excellent value for money.

By from Cumbernauld,Glasgow on 02.04.2013 15:24

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best lenses ever worn

Ive been wearing lenses for nearly a decade and wore a few makes including monthly and dailies. The last 2 years i have worn focus dailies and they started to burn on insertion and go dried quickly. Also i thought i would try and find a cheaper lens. Ive bought 3 months worth of these and the comfort is great. You dont feel like you have a lens in. Deff recomend :-)

By from Sunderland, UK on 31.03.2013 20:46

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Great alternative to Focus Dailies

Have been using Focus Dailies for a couple of years, and though they're fine for me, they sometimes take me a few goes to put in, which I've not had with previous lenses.
For the great price, I got a pack of Crystal 1 Days to trial, and find they're much easier to put in, and just as comfortable. They're a tiny bit larger, but this is really not noticeable at all. Time to buy a job lot!

By from Leeds, UK on 29.03.2013 10:16

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I have been using these for a few months now (after spending three times as much on Acuvue lenses)! These are amazing value for money and great quality. Would highly recommend.

By from Essex, UK on 18.03.2013 11:20

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Awesome contact lens and price!

I ordered Crystal lenses last Friday and they arrived exactly a week later. I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was and the lenses are absolutely awesome. I've probably spent in the past year over $1,000 on clear yearly contacts, colored contacts from Asia and now regular daily contacts. For whatever reason my eyes didn't feel very comfortable in the Focus Dallies but it might have been the smaller diameter. The Crystal lenses are perfect. I forget I'm wearing them. I will be making a huge order of these lenses shortly for my yearly supply. I've researched contacts for a long time and the price of these contacts are unbeatable.

By from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. on 02.03.2013 23:05

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What more could you ask for

These lenses are fab for me. I wear them every day and often from around 8am to gone 11pm. Sometimes I get the odd discomfort but on the whole they are incredibly comfortable. We are all different and different things will suit different people, I bought just one box to start with (both eyes same prescription) and have been impressed enough to keep coming back for more. have saved me a fortune since I changed from my monthly subscription with a rip-off optician. Always very quick delivery, very happy!

By from SP6 on 28.02.2013 10:13

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Worth spending the extra money

I would advise those thinking of purchasing Crystal 1 Day Lenses to think again. Whilst the price is certainly appealing, you really do get what you pay for. I have never struggled to put contact lenses in before however these lenses are really quite difficult to put in. Once the lenses are in, I can only wear them for a couple of hours before my eyes become extremely dry and irritated. In fact, a couple of my friends have commented that my eyes look red and sore - and this was after I'd just put them in! Luckily I have no trouble getting them out...

By from London on 23.02.2013 11:50

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Initial thoughts yes cheap lenses!
However when I tried them on they were absolutely uncomfortable they irritated my eyes like you wouldn't believe so glad I had monthly lenses to compensate but crystal was a huge disappointment left my my eyes dry n sore. Never ever again. I'm trying acuvue oasis hoping for better quality n some moisture

By from Unknown location on 21.02.2013 10:33

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Excellent value for money

I have naturally very dry eyes and was really skeptical about trying these, but decided to get a months supply to try out because, hey, worst case i've lost �14 and there's no way it could be the worst �14 i've ever spent.
I've been wearing contact lenses for a year, trialing 3 different pairs with a major high street chain before settling on a pair of medium range monthly disposables.
I barely notice any difference between these super cheap daily disposables and the double-the-price monthlys I was wearing. They definitely feel cheaper and thinner to hold in the hand, but you don't wear them on your hand! Once in the eye they feel like any other contact lens. I find with all contacts that my eyes feel sore for the first 30 seconds of having the lenses in, then I forget they are in for the rest of the day, sometimes only remembering to take them out once i'm in bed cause i've forgotten I even wear them. If I don't drink any fluid all day I do find they stick to my eye more, but then the same applies with the monthlys I was using.
As for the clarity, I again can't tell any difference between the monthlys I was wearing and these.
Excellent value for money. My advice - if you're not sure, buy a monthly supply and if you don't agree with them, then you know. If they work great for you, then you've found yourself the cheapest contact lenses on the net (and i've spent many an work hour in the office putting off work by searching for the cheapest lens)

By from Bristol on 23.01.2013 20:55

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Great lenses

I have never got on with contact lenses before as I found I would have scratchy/dry eyes. Even with the expensive 1 day lenses I could never go a couple of hours without wanting to rip them out and curse as they find their way to the bin. Tried these after a few years of giving up on contacts and I found them a little dry at first but then was able to wear them all day on the second day - something I have never been able to do before. 5 stars - free of the burden of glasses!! :) I don't think I have ever written a review on anything before but I thought this deserved the effort.

By from Hampshire UK on 23.01.2013 16:35

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excellent value

no need to buy more expensive contact lenses, i have been using these for years and they are perfect!

By from Melbourne, australia on 21.01.2013 11:49

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Be Aware

I used these contacts for sometime, approximately 1 year. They seemed fine to start with then I started to get dry eyes, itchy eyes and then sore eyes. I thought it was because I was tired with a small child. It wasn't until I went for my contact-lense check-up that I was informed that the base curve size was wrong for my eyes and was starting to cause a problem with blood vessels in my eyes. As long as the base curve is correct with these lenses I feel confident that they are a good lense to purchase.

By from Kent on 11.01.2013 11:34

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