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Better than my focus dailies!

I purchased a small pack as a trial, I thought for �7 and they are no good what the heck. Well even though they are a 14.2 mm dia vs 13.8mm and less water content they were silky smooth on the old eye ball and very comfortable all day !!
Just logged on to order a 90 day pack and save more.

By from Peterborough on 10.10.2012 08:57

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what a find !

Am so impressed with this company,ordered my lenses, they were here in what seemed like hours! Really comfortable and easy to use.

By from Leeds on 06.10.2012 07:17

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Nothing budget about them

I started wearing lenses this year and I was a little turned off them because of the itchiness I got off the cheap specsavers ones. I wore these for the first time last week for an all night gig and all day for work today, not one issue. Didnt rub my eyes once and I find them much easier to remove.

By from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on 05.10.2012 23:29

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Sceptical - Infact had no need to be

Noticed these lenses when I went to buy my normal Focus Daily lenses but being 1/2 the price I was sceptical, having bought cheap lenses in the past and finding them un wearable. I can honestly say that for my eyes I feel no difference wearing these compared to the Focus D's. I wear daily lenses all day every day and I have found that for my eyes the fit, vision and comfort is identical to the Focus Daily lenses.
Give them a try. I did, and it was certainly worth it!

By from Hampshire, UK on 24.09.2012 14:33

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I tried these for the first time today.
Easy to open packs(squirts a little, like every other brand lol)
Very easy to handle and insert, and easy to take out.
Ok, comfort. 10/10! I had these in for 12 hours today, no irritation, no dryness. Perfect. Excellent focus, fantastic lens for the price. Love them.
I normally use Freshlook Colourblends, as I like changing up my eye colour, but find they irritate and become dry after a few hours.
So for those that want all day lenses, these are great!

By from Liverpool UK on 09.09.2012 20:35

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Think of the price...

I read some of the reviews, decided to take a punt and ordered.
Firstly, brilliant service by this supplier, delivered a day after the order.
Secondly, I've now spent the day with these lenses and they're fine.
I don't get the moans about dry eyes and discomfort: contact lenses are not a substitute for 20:20 vision - that is not a realistic expectation, we're short sighted, it's a nuisance, but that's life.
If you wear only contact lenses, all of the time, every day, then by all means spend at least double the price.
But, if like me you can remember 20-odd years ago when you paid �100 for a pair of soft lenses that were supposed to last for two years, then this is eutopia.
I need lenses which can be worn when I need them - motorcycling, holidays and sunny days so that I can wear cool shades - and I don't want the hassle of visiting an optician every year or so. At this price you can't go wrong.
So, they're a genuine bargain as far as I can see and if you are worried that your "eyes will get a little sore" (as some reviewers complain, zzzz), take another pair in your pocket, chuck the old ones and bung in a new pair. They're cheap, but certainly not nasty.
Well done for cutting my cost of living. Thanks very much to this internet business.

By from Kent on 08.09.2012 20:45

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Vision poor and dry out your eyes

I am going back to my old lenses as I have found my vision to be poor with these.

By from Reading, UK on 06.09.2012 15:20

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Beyond expectation

This was the first time I'd bought lenses online, so I was a little dubious. However, I can only say how pleased I am with the service and lenses. They arrived the following day and the lenses themselves are better than the ones I was using before. I tend to wear my lenses everyday and for long periods of time. In the past I've suffered from very dry eyes in the evening, but I haven't had a problem with these lenses. Excellent value for money, I would definitely recommend.

By from Newcastle, UK on 03.09.2012 10:08

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Started ok but quality has gone downhill!

When I first tried these lenses I was really impressed- been using them now for months but then the ones I got last month kept splitting into pieces while in my eyes causing a lot of discomfort, I thought I must have got a faulty batch so ordered more this month but when they arrived this morning and I went to put them in there was something wrong with the saline solution they were in which caused extreme burning and stinging as soon as they touched my eye!
No more for me- I'm now left with a red, bloodshot eye which is still stinging so I'll be paying a little more next time for some that won't cause so much pain!

By from Lincolnshire on 24.08.2012 14:48

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these lenses were not difficult to put in for me and did not irritate my eyes, however I tried several pairs one after the other because I could not focus at all with them in ! I could see more without them in and without my glasses than with them in! I wonder if anyone else has had focusing problems as I ordered my presecription strength which was 150 for left eye and 125 for right eye? I would be interested in anyone`s response whos has been same NOT FOCUSING PROPERLY. what a shame they are soooooooooo cheap! unfortunately cannot use them> Editors comment: At the moment these lenses are only available in minus (-) powers i.e suitable for people who are short sighted, so unfortunately if you are long sighted and normally wear plus (+) powers then this would explain the blurred vision. We should be launching plus powers in the near future.

By from NOTTINGHAM on 21.08.2012 13:27

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I don't do reviews......but this is the exception.
Been looking for cheaper lenses for years.
Have tried many, but none have been as comfortble as my usual lenses.
But wow....these are very comfortable and fantastic value!
I have no hesitation in reccommending these.
Well done contactlenses for finding these.

By from London on 15.08.2012 10:21

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Not impressed :(

I tried these and I wasn't impressed.... My eyes were dry all the time - felt itchy and sore.... And a few times I couldn't keep my eyes open.... Gone back to my usual ones now

By from Wokingham on 14.08.2012 18:31

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Great Value...

I have used Focus Dailies for at least 10 years but decided to risk ordering a 3 month supply of the Crystal 1 Day lenses. Was not disappointed! - they are extremely comfortable, I can't feel them at all and my vision is clear as day. I tried the cheap Daysoft lenses once but they were way too thick and uncomfortable. Do not hesitate to order the Crystal lenses - AMAZING VALUE AND CANNOT FAULT THEM.

By from Unknown location on 14.08.2012 11:57

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I normally can't afford daily lenses but I am going to a festival for a week this summer so I thought for only �7 I would get some so I would'nt have to fuss around with solution and pots. I currently wear 2 weeklies acuvue advance with hyraclear and they are just alright, but these crystal 1 day lenses are amazing in comparison. My vision is actually clearer and they are super comfertable to wear. I honestly forget I have them in, I could not recommend this product enough.

By from South England on 10.08.2012 18:51

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Brilliant Lenses

Extremely fast delivery. Ordered mine in the afternoon and then got them the very next day. Feel brilliant on the eye, well I cant even feel them so they must be good. Cant believe how cheap they are compared to places like Specsavers/Optical Express/Boots. Amazing buy!

By from Somerset, UK on 09.08.2012 12:17

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I would highly recommend these lenses. Had a Boots 1 week trial with dailies - and almost went to purchase but thought would browse online. After looking through trial bought 1 month supply for each eye & found them to be perfect! I have since ordered and used another 9 months worth of contacts & just ordered 6 more month today. Extremely glad they are discounted!! Love them!

By from Stockton on Tees, Uk on 07.08.2012 17:55

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Dry, itchy eyes!

Thought I would give these a try as my usual ones went up in price a little, not worth changing too, would rather pay the extra and stick to the acuvue ones. Half way through the day my eyes were sore and itchy and very dry, had to remove them so left blind basically!

By from Scotland, Uk on 03.08.2012 23:11

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What a bargain and super comfortable all day too!

By from Staffordshire on 01.08.2012 08:08

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Been wearing contacts for years

I have been wearing contact lenses for 24 years and tried all sorts at varying prices. These are the best value for money by far. Clear vision, comfort, good price and speedy delivery!! I can't fault them.

By from Essex on 30.07.2012 10:51

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Very good value

For only �7, these are great! They're a little fiddly to get out the packet as the lip is in the way to slide them out, and as others have said, after about 5 hours they start to dry out but again for �7 can we really complain?

By from Maidenhead, Berkshire on 27.07.2012 11:16

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