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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

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Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
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Focus Dailies with Aqua Release

Focus Daily lenses now contain a built in moisturiser that is released throughout the day for all day comfort.

No Lens care

With Focus Dailies cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and protein removal are a thing of the past. You simply wear fresh new lenses every day...nothing could be simpler.

Focus Daily lenses have a 69% water content.

Availability: 100% availability

New: We have introduced a new daily lens for dry eyes and even more comfort - Crystal Aqua Daily. A great replacement for 1 Day Acuvue Moist and Focus Dailies - at almost 1/2 the price!


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Rated 4.6/5 based on 75 customer reviews

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The Best Yet

After trialling soft contact lenses over a year, including silicon hydrogels, Focus Dailies are definitely the best for me. The only problem is that they occasionally break in the eye. To combat that, I always hold a new lens up to the light before putting it in. Any chips, cracks, or small tears can be seen and therefore the lens discarded. I haven`t had a problem since. It does mean wasting about 3-5 per box, but they are one of the cheapest around so it`s worth doing it for the comfort.

By from West Sussex, UK on 29.06.2010 12:51

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Focus Dailies

I used to use these via Boots opticians. Much cheaper here and a much faster service. A comfortable lens to wear. Thank you! I will definately be coming back to you.

By from Buckinghamshire, UK on 05.06.2010 09:53

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too mucg glue....

Although I absolutely love the lenses, and have used them for years,my problem is occasionally you get a,batch with so much glue on the lids that by the time you battle to remove them, the lens is useless. I have just had yet another batch where six lenses have been consigned to the bin. I have re ordered another batch, and if these are the same, I will be rethinking my next order.

By from Durham on 25.02.2015 09:28

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Could be better if they didn`t tear so easily

These lenses are fairly flimsy, which means they feel very comfortable in the eye but tear far too easily.
Catch 22 situation...

By from London on 30.07.2009 15:30

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good value for money


By from Uk on 27.07.2009 11:41

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Not bad but...

I have been using contacts for approx 10 months. Having had a supply from my optician costing £51 for 30 pairs (!), a friend told me about this site. I ordered focus dailies as they were the cheapest and was initially pleased with them. I wear mine socially so dont really wear them for more than 8 hours a day. However, like others have metioned previously mine have also broken apart when in my eye and can be very difficult to remove and it my eye very red and sore. Sometimes they dont sit right on your eye and fall out giving you an odd number of pairs!!
I would recommed these for causal wear and if you`re on a budget. Anything else....treat yourself!!
As for the site and delivery I cant complain.

By from North West on 07.07.2009 17:14

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Great- do get used to taking out- briliant otherwise

Hi, These are great. I can`t even feel them in- after about 8 hours- as someone else commented they feel like you`ve had enough and then if you wait another half hour they go back to being untracable- briliant. I count that half hour as everyone`s eyes being tired and it doesn`t even bother me most days. Well worth it. So comfortable and although they are thin- i used to rip monthlys all the time and "fingers crossed" i never have yet with these. They are perfect dream lenses- wouldn`t trade them! :D

By from London, UK on 06.07.2009 13:30

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Focus Dailies

I found these lenses less comfortable than the Acuvue ones I had previously bought and had only changed because of the cheaper price. On a couple of occasions one of the lenses tore whilst in my eye and was extremely uncomfortable and also left me with only one lens in so I had to carry my glasses around `just in case`. I also found that a couple of the lenses didn`t correct my vision when I put them in so I had to swap them for another one. Although these are cheaper lenses it is false economy if they are frequently inferior.

By from Manchester, UK on 09.06.2009 10:23

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WOW! These lenses are so comfortable! ive only just started wearing lenses for vision after only having occasionally worn coloured ones. These lenses are so comfortable and are great for someone who has only just started wearing contacts. I literally cant feel them in my eye and they are so easy to put in. AND I ordered these at 2pm and got them the next day! outstanding service and price.

By from Uk on 25.03.2009 15:03

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Very good

By from Belfast on 11.02.2009 13:48

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Briliant Service

Ordered them yeterday got them today excellent service fast delivery and no problems will definitley recommend.

By from Glasgow on 30.01.2009 14:11

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perfect ones

im really pleased with these ones,and also i absolutly LOVE this site!Postage free of charge and it arrived in 3 days from the order.I became a fan of this site.

By from London uk on 11.12.2008 14:43

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Excellent for the last 5 years!

I have bought nothing else but these lenses...they always arrive the next day and are the most comfortable.

By from UK on 26.11.2008 21:40

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Great savings, great service.

I became a new customer recently, and within 24 hours of my first order the lenses arrived. Although the lenses are exactly the same as I have been buying from my local optician, I have saved a subsatial amount of money by using this company. I cant wait to advise my friends.

By from Kent, UK on 14.11.2008 10:32

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Focus Dailies

used for over two years now and spot on every time, from the time I get up to the time I go to bed 15 hours + !

By from Birmingham,UK on 01.11.2008 21:12

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Excellent service

Great contacts and speedy reliable service. Great value for money.

By from LONDON on 30.10.2008 21:39

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Really comfortable. Great vision. Good price. Try them. Oh, and a fast service, too.

By from Sheffield, England on 18.08.2008 10:22

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great contact lens

These contact lens are great. There really comfortable. They were much better than I expected it to be. I was wearing soft lens daily before then I switched to focus dailies and they felt much more comfortable. I would recommend these contact lens.

By from London on 14.08.2008 13:03

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